Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Rachael monologue segment

This clip is from an Action/ReAction lesson I did with Rachael on Skype. It amazes me how we can use this technology to interact between Australia and America as effortlessly as though we were in the same room. For this exercise, I had asked Rachael to apply what she has learned to date about Action/ReAction to a monologue she had previously performed and taped in order to see how the performance had changed.

Here, we are working on interstitial reactions. Interstitial simply means something placed between two other things--in this case, a reaction placed between her dialogue phrases.

Rachael is combining two interstitial reactions back-to-back to reveal something of the internal conflict of the character and her complex make-up. Her sudden and involuntary laugh shows us who she used to be before she was stricken with her illness. Just as suddenly, she is stopped by the realization that she will never again be that carefree person and that her future will only worsen as time goes by. It is a moment of raw truth for the character.

While interstitial reactions are meant to look as though they are related to the inner workings of the character's emotions and inner thoughts, their primary function is something completely different and has more to do with building an audience among the constituent groups in the audience. In other words, building the market--growing the audience--for her brand.

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