Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Another comment about the 6-week course

Stephen Mitchell taught us so much about branding, actions/reactions, emotions and how to work through even impromptu auditions. He has a way of explaining things that even someone new to the business would be able to learn from these techniques.

My daughter now has a monologue, a brand statement, a brand style, she has learned the things she needs to do to make herself a more memorable actor/model. I feel that she can now take charge and have strong audition, with or without my presence.

I recommend this course for anyone that is in the business or is thinking of going in the business, that wants to succeed. You will not find a better teacher than Stephen Mitchell. He is honest, understanding, will take the time to make sure that you are learning what he is teaching you. You will have the opportunity to practice with him and with the other students that are taking the course. If you miss a class, he will make sure that it is made up. He actually works with you, until you get it right for you.

Sarah and Barbara-Hope James

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