Thursday, June 5, 2014

A successful audition

This note is from Erin Nordseth who is studying with me. I tell my actors that a successful audition is one in which they upgrade you to a larger role:

"Hi Stephen,

Here is my audition recap for you: Actors didn't get the sides until they called your name. Basically would have about 5mins with them. Turns out my character didn't have any lines so no sides for me.

Went in and after usual pleasantries, they asked if I could do a monologue since there weren't any sides. No problem, did the one we worked on last week. Then they asked me to read for another character (much larger part). So I had the sides for about 30 seconds but, and this is HUGE, I felt so much more confident using the techniques we discussed and I practiced with you and I was pleased with my reading, no rushing through, got phrasing etc. so we will see what happens."

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