Wednesday, July 23, 2014

A review from my new student Louella

Stephen Mitchell is a great teacher for me.

He is intelligent, insightful and perceptive, as well as generous and patient with a great sense of humor. Add to these great qualities that he is full of experiences and knowledge of how to be a great actor and how to maneuver in this business. I feel so grateful to have found him as my teacher!

For such a green person in this media business of being an actress is quite challenging. I know talent gets me to the first meeting or audition. I was going in with a feeling of trepidation and not knowing what to do to best show I can get the job done. I knew I needed professional directions. Now with only three individual sessions, I feel I can perform like an actress with some legitimate schooling, with some know-how.

Stephen's non-judgmental personality gets right into teaching me the mechanics of how to perform right away from the first class. I only recently got into acting because I was approached by casting agents so this is a brand new world to me. I was stunned it only took him about 10 minutes to come up with a branding statement for me as an actress. He was able see what I have been trying to convey to others, the kind of actress I'm most capable of being.

In the next few minutes he even crafted from scratch a monologue! That's a seasoned professional I'd say. 

Stephen is generous because I can tell he does not hold any information back when it comes to teaching a person to be a better actor. He has quite a few tricks up his sleeves and he is happy to teach with patience. I say this because I have gone to other acting classes where you know the teacher is not telling you all that they know because they fear their students getting better then they are.

I am so happy my teacher cares about my acting career!


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