Monday, April 2, 2012

The branding of a filmmaker: Kathi Carey

Kathi Carey has been a friend and associate of long standing. She joined the repertory company for film & TV as an actress but quickly moved to include writing, producing and directing among her skills. She became an integral part of the group and took on the task of branding, developing and managing other members of the group. She began her own filmmaking career with us and she continues to this day making quality films that bear her personal stamp.

Her two most recent films--Reflections of a Life and Worth--have garnered praise and awards on the festival circuit. As one analyzes these films, it is obvious that Kathi not only possesses talent as a complete filmmaker--acting, writing, producing and directing in a manner that makes it all look easy--it is also evident that she has created a well-defined brand that has pleased her viewers and critics alike.

Here is the trailer for her recent film Worth:

Find out more about Kathi's film Worth at:

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