Monday, April 9, 2012

Seminar results

I gave a branding seminar over the weekend for actors, writers and directors at the Academy of Performing Arts in San Diego. It was a preview of a six-week branding curriculum designed to facilitate entry into the entertainment business and progress in one's career. The following are comments from some of the participants:

“I would say that there is not an actor or actress alive that shouldn’t take Mr. Mitchell’s knowledge to heart. He obviously cares for people to understand this.” Sarah Marie Mayne

“Stephen has the ability to succinctly help you define your brand and offers from his expertise the most efficient, practical steps to take in show business.” Marguerite Baca

“Your secret weapon. Discover and uncover the you.” Wendy Wang

“Inspirational, informative and thought provoking. I feel like it gives me an advantage—already more prepared, better understanding and confident.” J.R. Reynolds

“Way worth it, man!” Patricia Lytle

“An ‘out of the box’ insight of the industry from the inside!” Renée Carroll

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